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Look Closer! Free e-Learning Module: “An Introduction to Endotoxin Testing”


Seminars and workshops are great ways to transfer knowledge but require a significant dedication of time. Additionally, travel to an in-person event may not always be possible.


For a limited time, we are offering our “An Introduction to Endotoxin Testing” e-Learning module free of charge, accessible via our QC Insider™ Training. Our e-Learning modules are a suite of online, endotoxin-specific training courses that you can access while working remotely and at your own pace.  


Benefit from: 


  • Remote training as your schedule permits
  • No travel costs or uncertainties
  • Create customized training packages, per your needs  
  • Courses include an integrated test and certification        


Limited spaces are available so sign up soon to secure your spot.
Other modules are also available for purchase.


Delivered to you from the QC experts who face many of the same regulated manufacturing challenges as you do, the QC Insider™ Toolbox is packed with comprehensive support tools that will help you perform the bacterial endotoxins test.



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QC Insider™ Support: direct access to one-on-one guidance and detailed information about software support, recertification & testing services, reader install & maintenance and workflow optimization.


QC Insider™ Training: self-directed training resources that will help you build on your bacterial endotoxins test expertise.


QC Insider™ Library: technical resources that will help ensure your success with the bacterial endotoxins test. You will have access to a collection of package inserts, quick guides, technical tips and more.


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On-demand Webinar: A More Sustainable Future for Endotoxin Testing


Our webinar, "The Compendia are ready. Are you? A More Sustainable Future for Endotoxin Testing" explores the latest regulatory developments surrounding the use of the recombinant Factor C (rFC) assay for endotoxin detection in parenteral pharmaceuticals and implantable medical devices.   

Topics discussed:

  • The new regulatory landscape for the rFC assay                
  • The process of implementing the rFC assay in drug development and QC laboratories