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Just Released: White Paper: Automating the Bacterial Endotoxins Test with Dynamic Scripting

As QC professionals know, the majority of BET testing is done manually, with laborious and repetitive pipetting steps, which are inherently prone to error and has a high training requirement.

Even with traditional automated systems, users remain faced with a static and inflexible design that cannot easily accommodate process changes, such as changes to assay or sample types.

Powered by our patented dynamic scripting and flexible template manager in our WinKQCL® Software, our White Paper demonstrates how the PyroTec® PRO Robotic System can

  • easily accommodate process changes
  • fully automate the endotoxin assay
  • greatly reduce plating and pipetting errors, allowing analysts more time to perform higher value tasks

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On Demand Webinar - “Error-proofing” and “Future-proofing” a Compliant Bacterial Endotoxins Test

This webinar, aired originally on 23rd March 2021, discusses automation of BET methods with the Lonza PyroTec® PRO Robotic System.

Topics include:

  • Current practices in BET
  • PyroTec® PRO Robotic System introduction
  • PyroTec® PRO Robotic System automation of BET considerations – automated vs. manual testing
  • Future-proofing - automated recombinant testing

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